It’s a long drive to Cumberland, MD and back – at least for one day it is. Listening to a kid’s movie from the sound system – one you’ve seen 832 times – can make that trip even longer. But yesterday, something was different in the journey.

Underneath the cartoonish voices of the main characters ran a stream of melodies…changing with the scenes as appropriate. Now of course, we all know that movies come with a soundtrack. And, without the visual to accompany the dialogues, the sounds of each scene became much more obvious. In particular, there was a scene I knew well visually (again – I have seen this film many times) that, when it played, I heard for the first time. Details aside, the key character enters a new phase of life, and the musical score swells with hope. I am not sure how that is accomplished musically…but we all know when it is successful. So, I started listening a bit more intently to the movie. Again, I dismissed the dialogue and sound effects and trained closely onto the score. I was amazed at how clearly the emotion bled through.

I started to wonder…what is the musical score of my life right now? If not my whole life, what about this scene? If I had no way to convey anything vocally or visually, how would an orchestra (or band) play the tune of my emotion…of my spirit?  Would it play what I want people to know or think, or the truth of my state of mind, or the state of my heart? If I am honestly listening for and responding to God in my life, would not the musical score swell with hope, anticipation, and wonder?

Now for the hard part…

It occurs to me that if attitude is a choice, then so must the state of the spirit be cultivated and shaped into an intentional state of health and hope. We must feed our heads, hearts and souls with good food – food that is life-giving, life-affirming, and results in hope pouring out into our world from our own soundtrack. It is up to me to stay tuned to God’s channel of musical score for my life… Likewise, it is up to God to use that score to His glory and to the betterment and healing of the world. I do not have the power, will, wisdom, knowledge or strength to do it alone.

So, let me ask the obvious…What is your soundtrack right now? Is it tuned to the score of hope or are you struggling with static?


1 Response to “Soundtrack”

  1. 1 jen
    August 19, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    don’t want static…. nope… thanks for your hopeful thoughts Heather!

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