fear and loathing … in a bumper sticker

“some people who seek God in the 11th hour, die at 10:30”

yup. that’s what it said. I blinked a couple of times hoping it would change, and the cartooned dead guy next to the last text would be gone too.

nope. still there.

So…that’s your message to the world? In the middle of all this loss, pain, rage and misery, you’d like to add a dash of fear, panic, guilt to the mix? awesome. because I am sure Jesus wants us to choose to follow him in an effort to save our own butts. “fire insurance” so to speak.

If I’m honest, I admit, I get it. Time is short. Life with God (as opposed to without) is amazing and seeking it NOW instead of later is certainly going to afford us more of the best life possible… more time for hope, joy, freedom and redemption.

But, seriously, there has got to be a better way to communicate that. There has got to be a way to communicate the JOY and HOPE integral to the promises of a life following, loving and in relationship with God – who loves and cherishes us beyond measure. I can’t accept God as some uptight person, standing on the front porch tapping His watch, waiting for us to come home in time to meet curfew.

I guess I shouldn’t get so irritated by a stupid bumper sticker on some car. The driver is probably a wonderful person who loves Jesus better than I do. He or she most likely lives a more morally upright life than my own. I battle demons daily. I forget the love and passion of my Savior all the time. In truth, I seek God most often in the 11th hour of my crises – desperately trying to handle them on my own…under my own control, power, and wisdom (feel free to chortle here).

And, I need to remember all the ugly ways I have represented Jesus.

I need to remember the insane amount of grace that has already been afforded me.

I need to seek God.

Long before 11…

…or even 10:30 for that matter.


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