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a boring tsunami

please know i have no intention of minimizing tragedy. i cannot imagine the heartbreak, courage and strength of those in chile, haiti, and so many more locations globally experiencing and recovering from natural disaster.

this week in our middle school ministry we started a series based largely on the book The 6 Most Important You’ll Ever Make by Sean Covey. the opening two weeks are a crash course in the famous “7 habits“. habit #2: begin with the end in mind, is probably the habit that speaks the most to me. actually, to be honest, it probably screams at me. i have never been able to do this well.

even on a daily basis. like – when i get up in the morning, i never say – ok i need to do these three things so i am well prepared to face these two things today. i should…oh how i should…but if i am honest…i don’t. ugh.

so this weekend, i was scanning (yep – nerd alert) and i found a time-lapse video of a tsunami overtaking some land in hawaii (i think it is hilo, but i am so not sure…bad research on my part). i was struck by how boring it was. to my albeit-untrained-eye i just looked like some wimpy waves that happened to overtake a stretch of land…and then recede. oooh. not even a little tweet-worthy.

but that is how our lives tend to go, when we aren’t looking at where we are going, how we are getting there from an every-day-decision kind of way. one minute, we are brushing away our nasty morning breath, and the next we are calling our attorneys for bail money. ok maybe not that one. but, if we lack vigilance, isn’t it all to common for us to suddenly wake up completely under water? and the, once the waters recede, we have no idea what happened, or how to even start the clean-up?

i don’t any great wisdom on this – as i already said – i am really terrible at habit #2. my prayers this week (this year?) will be centered on

clarification of “the end”

the courage to embrace it

begin start over with “it” in mind

what about you?

how does habit #2 work, or not work for you? are you under water, in clean up, or vigilantly sandbagging?


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