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Balancing isn’t a solo act…

So the other day, John was practicing on his new Razor scooter (somehow we didn’t factor going from three wheels to two wheels in the purchase…but – meh – he’ll catch on eventually). At the same time, he had decided that he wanted to collect trash along our route. I would love to say that I was incredibly supportive of this fabulously green 6yo venture (what a conscientious civic-minded child I have so carefully crafted). But, alas, that would be a slight stretch (read: a lie). It was very frustrating to me to see him struggle. I knew he was not ready to take on a secondary task while still trying to keep from face-planting on the sidewalk…or in the mud…or kamakazi-style slamming into innocent passers-by attempting to share the normally wide stretch of walkway we were walking along. Plus, we were walking the dog, it was cold, and there was homework to be done. At first, he was scooting along just fine, touching his foot down to propel him forward.

He would also stop periodically to snag a piece of trash. At this point, I would fuss that it was nasty or not to take to long or that I didn’t see why he couldn’t just go forward – you know really powerful parent encouragement kind of stuff. The kinds of words his little ego can safely take to the “my-parents-support-me-whatever-i-dream-of-doing” bank. At one point, he stopped to take on a particularly large piece of trash that he had trouble cramming into his already full hands. I knew his load was unsustainable. I knew he was precariously perched to begin with and that this addition would tip the scales so to speak. As the over protective parent SHOULD do, I immediately broke out my phone and…

…set it to multi-shot mode to record in inevitable.

Thankfully, in general in our house, no blood = no tears. He immediately launched into “I ok, I ok” and started laughing (also in our house, verbs are overrated). Closely on the heels of picking things back up, helping him reassemble his holding pattern for all the trash, and sending him back on his way scooting down the sidewalk, the spiritual thoughts started creeping in.

I sorta think we often ride through life like that – over-committed, albeit to good things, periodically crashing only to rely on the kindness of others to help us up and back on our teeteringly crowded journey. One major difference, God is most certainly watching, but not with the motives of a time-hyper, overprotective, selfish parent. Undoubtedly, God watches us and is pleased by our heart to do right, to do good, to make a difference and yet grieved by our determination to be self-reliant in the process. I doubt He is plagued by the impatience I felt as John stopped every 4 feet or so for a new piece of trash. I doubt He is rolling His eyes at our persistence to stay on task and complete our “mission”. However, I do wonder if every now and again He allows our crashing as a recentering point. A reminder, and not always a gentle one, that we need Him to balance all that He has planned for us to do. After all, He planned for us to do them. But not under our own steam. For our own glory. For our own purposes. For our own…anything. All that He calls us to is for His kingdom, His glory. And for that to truly be accomplished, we need to rely on Him. And when we fall, perhaps we are given an opportunity to look to Him for a new way to see things. A new way to do things, A new way to understand, love, give, share, and hope. The next time John wanted to head out an collect trash on his scooter journey, he was a lot more confident and skilled on his Razor. And, he took me up on the suggestion to bring a bag along to collect the trash – thereby freeing his hands to create and maintain better balance.

My questions to you…

What has a recent crash shown you? What is God asking you to reexamine for the purposes of growth and improvement? And…Why didn’t I buy this kid knee pads?


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